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KKDC Japan
用途 オフィス
家族構成 その他
場所 京都府京都市
敷地面積 63.01m²(19.06坪)
建築面積 37.68m²(11.40坪)
延床面積 105.23m²(31.83坪)
構造 鉄骨造
階数 地上3階
竣工年 2021年
写真撮影 矢野紀行(矢野紀行写真事務所)

This Japan branch office for KKDC, a lighting company headquartered in South Korea, sits on a small lot within walking distance of Kyoto Station, on the south side of the tracks. The office occupies the first floor, with a showroom on the second floor and a guest room on the third. In addition to displaying products in the showroom, the client wanted the building itself to express its business identity. We succeeded in integrating architectural and product concepts by incorporating one of KKDC’s core products—linear lighting—into the architecture.

The building is comprised of three stacked boxes. By offsetting the boxes on each level forward and backward, we were able to disrupt the typical exterior appearance of an office and open up space to insert lighting in the margins between the boxes. These lines of light give meaning to the offset design while also giving the building an identity fitting for a lighting company. Linear lights, downlights, pendant lights, and other types of lighting are also woven throughout the interior. The building offers many opportunities both inside and out to appreciate the appeal of great lighting.

KKDC Japan
Use office
Family the others
Location Kyoto Pref.
Site Area 63.01 sqmt
Building Area 37.68 sqmt
Total Floor Area 105.23 sqmt
Structure steel
Stories 3
Year 2021
Photographer Toshiyuki Yano (Toshiyuki Yano Photography)